Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you are a Progressive, Koch-Cain & ALEC should be illegal | Al Jazeera Video

Way back in April at the Anti-ALEC Protest and March in Cincinnati, Al Jazeera Producer, Bob Abeshouse was working on a documentary about ALEC, Koch and what I have termed (over and over) as the "Cabal". He followed us to New Orleans in August and interviewed many of us for the production. Though much of the interviews he provided did not make the cut, our Marching and demonstrating did. On October 27th, Mr. Abeshouse's Documentary was finally published by Al Jazeera America and uploaded to YouTube: . I have embedded the entire 27 minute piece below the fold for all to watch. This is one of the most informative media presentations yet on Koch and their funded organizations - including ALEC - to be put before the public. I urge readers to take time and watch the video and please pass this diary and the link on to others so they may understand the issue, the problem and many of the facts surrounding this battle over democracy. Since our U.S. MSM continues to be in denial about the Cabal, I'm glad to see that SOMEONE is doing their job.

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